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The Hidden Temple

K. N. Timofeev ebook.jpg

     Blood and Chaos. That is what Mirra left in her wake when she chose to defy her master and rescue the crown prince and princess. Shattering Julian's magical hold on her life, she left Verance with more questions than answers. Dragging Gatilan, the former crown prince, alongside her, she struggles to balance the selfish desires of her past and her fledgling desire for something beyond survival.


     Sequestered in the ruins of a Mystic city, they make a startling discovery that will not only change their perceptions of themselves but the world itself. But Julian is not the sort of man to let his prey go with a fight. Twisted magics summon unnatural creatures to chase Mirra and Gaitlan to the ends of the world, where only the whispers of the past hold the key to salvation.

What people are saying...

The first book was slow but enjoyable.  This one is hella faster.  We also jump between Mirra and Braelyn.  I really didn't like the princess at first, but she's really shone this book.

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