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     Ash and regret filled her mouth, erasing the sweetness left behind by the berries she found buried beneath the thorny brambles.  With eyes welled with tears that weren’t entirely because of the acrid smoke billowing around her, a lone figure stood in the middle of the bedlam. Beneath a shaggy mane of unkempt hair, she glared through the flames at the mass of people cowering just beyond the wall of flames.  She’d make them pay.  She’d make them all pay for what they did to her.

     A sinisterly bright beam of sunshine ripped Twlyn from her slumber.  Throwing an arm over her face, she groaned and turned away for a few more precious moments of sleep.  But with the coming of the sun, so did her responsibilities.  Chickens demand their release and morning meal.  Molly, the old nanny goat, bleated from its pitiful shed, as did Thorn the donkey.

     Cursing, she threw back her threadbare and heavily patched blanket.  She paid no attention to the bitter bit of the cold flagstone floors and shuffled over the open air hearth.  Beneath the protective layer of ash, a small nest of coals awaited her.  In three heart beats, Twlyn rekindled yesterday’s fire, feeding larger bits of wood to the hungry flames.  Sitting back on her heels, she watched the flames for a moment longer, her eyes vacant.  The insistent demands of her animals drew her back.  Rising to her feet, she pulled a rough-spun tunic over her head before sliding into her well-worn boots.

     Her home wasn’t much, just a single room hut, much like many of the homes in the village.  But it was one of the furthest from the village center, only a short walk away from Damarisk Forest.  Unlike the others down in the village, Twlyn wasn’t afraid of the strange and magical creatures that made the forest their home.  She knew that as long as you didn’t bother them, most of the creatures would leave you alone.  And if they didn’t…she had her aether to protect her.

      Aether was the magical connection to a singular elemental force of nature.  Not every human could channel or control the aether and those who could would never know a moment’s peace.





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