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Write With Me

Q:  What is "Write with Me?"

A:  Did you ever read those "Choose your own adventure" books as a kid? Well this is very similar to that.  I have an overall story, characters, plot points etc, but at certain points the reader can choose what happens.  It won't change the overall action in the story, but it could definitely add drama!

Q: That's sounds really interesting.  Why did you decide to do this?  Seems like it would be an awfully lot bit of work?"

A:  I'm used to writing short bits of stories.  I used to run a segment on my Patreon called Saturday Scribbles where I would post the starting scenes of stories, as well as an exclusive Patreon story.

Q:  Wow that sounds amazing!  How do you find the time to write all that?

A: (laughing) Isn't that the age old question.  I did set the Patreon stuff aside for a bit because I got a little ahead of myself, but I missed the short writing sessions.  So when I sat down to think about what could I add to my newsletter, I decided to give it another go.

Q: So this is a newsletter thing?

A: Yep.  For those who sign up for my newsletter (out quarterly) they can participate in the "Write with Me" story.  

Q:  Wow! Can you tell us anything else about the segment?

A:  Of course.  

     In the land of Vesmait, Twlyn lives in fear of discovery.  If the Order of Aether or the agents of the King find her, they will put her in shackles and force her to finish what the last welder of the Flame Aether started, burning the Damarisk forest to ash.  But Twlyn doesn't mind the otherworldly forest, or its othernatural inhabitants.  She loves walking beneath the silver oaks and drinking from the rainbow waters.  But when her desire to protect forces her to reveal herself, her greatest fears come true.  Clothed in the robes of the Order, she learns that her fire doesn't have to a force of destruction and for the first time since she was a little girl, she lives without fear of the fire inside.  Until those who are determined to use her to burn their enemies to ash steal her away and she is saved by the most unlikeliest of persons, The Blackthorn King.  

     Legends and Lies blend together like the tangled threads of a tapestry.  Driven by the ghosts of the past and the dream of a brighter future, Twlyn must learn to trust her own fire to forge a new life for herself and those she comes to care about.

Q:  Okay, I definitely want to read more about this.  All I have to do is sign up for your newsletter?

A:  That's right.  You'll also be the first to know about events, promos, and freebie stuff too.  So be sure to sign up today!

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