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The Lost Guardian


Erin never had any grand plans for her life. All she wanted was to be a teacher and be happily married to the man she loved. Instead, Erin got an abusive husband and forced to flee the only home she had ever known. Desperate, she turns to the one person whom she can trust beyond any shadow of a doubt, her grandmother Elise.


Now safely hidden halfway across the world, in a small Irish village, Erin struggles to mend her broken life, rediscover who she is, and what she wants out of life. However, just as she starts to find her feet, strange and disturbing things begin to happen around her. She tries to ignore them, but there is someone who will not let her.


An ancient enemy is not going to let Erin bury her head in the sand, and ignore the truth about her family, herself, or the world. This enemy will not stop until everything that she holds dear is turned to dust. She now is faced with a choice that only she can make: give up or fight.

What people are saying...

This is a genre I rarely delve into but was convinced to read it. I found it engaging and the characters real. I appreciated the way the familiar/guide was portrayed in a unique way. I'm not a gore fan but like action and struggle in a story so this book delivered on that. The relationships were real and made the book interesting, believable and relateable. Families, magic or not, have struggles and it's members both fail and succeed. That's what makes the book a good read, it brings you into an amazing, normal family.
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