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The next installment of A Tale of Blades and Darkness is fast approaching.  To not miss a thing, be sure to signup for the newsletter and follow on social media.

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Written Works


The Lost Guardian Trilogy

Trigger warnings: physical and psychological abuse, violent elements

Fleeing abuse and neglect, Erin discovers that there is more to her family than meets the eye.  Ancient prophecies, charming men, and magical beings will push her and her family to the brink.  Will Erin be able to fight for right to live in peace, or will her family be the first victims of a dark and terrible power?

A Tale of Blades
and Darkness

Trigger warnings: physical and psychological abuse, torture, and other violent themes

From child thief to would be assassin, Mirra's life has always been out of her hands.  When destiny forces her to make a choice, she will have figure out if she can live with the repercussions of her actions and figure out what type of person she will become when her life is finally hers and hers alone.  But with demonic forces clawing their way to the surface hungry for every last living soul, she may not have enough time to savor the pleasures of the world before they all turn to ash. 

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