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The Serpent's Coils

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“There is a point in your life when you stand at the crossroads of your life. Will you take the easy road, giving others command over you forever, or will you have the strength to take the harder path and forge your own destiny?”

Mirra’s life has always belonged to someone else. First, it was the priestesses that ran the orphanage where her parents dumped her when she was only a month old. Then it belonged to Jax Harrow, the crime lord of the Merchant’s District, where she eked out life as a thief with a gang of children just like her. And it was this life that passed her into the hands of her cruelest master, Lord Julian, the king’s spymaster, most commonly referred to as The Viper.

He was the one who plucked her from the gallows at the ripe old age of twelve, whisking her off to the far reaches of the kingdom. There she learned how to blend in with every walk of society from lowly farmers to the top courtesans. She became schooled in poisons and espionage, always pushed to the brink until something inside her breaks, releasing abilities she never knew she had.

Brought to the court under the guise of Lord Julian’s niece, Mirra struggles to balance trying to peel back the layers of her past, while keeping the headstrong Princess Braelyn out of trouble. But when Lord Julian commands her to do the unforgivable, Mirra questions whether to follow commands like she's always done or fight for something more. Mirra stands at a crossroads, with either choice having far-reaching ramifications for her and the rest of the continent.

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