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Time of Prophecy

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Less than a year ago, Erin's world turned upside down when she discovered her family's long-buried secret. She reclaimed her family's sacred role as Guardian and sought to protect those under her charge. Since then, she has faced down Connor, an evil magician who has sworn to end her line for good, deadly curses, and a seemingly endless progression of foes. And now her sister Laura has gone missing.

Every person has their breaking point and Erin has reached hers. This time she's going on the offensive, calling in favors, and making deals. Could it be that her ancestor's vision of a great battle for the fate of the magical world is finally coming to pass?

What people are saying ...

I started the third book right after the second.  I wasn't quite tired yet and figured a chapter or two of this book would help me fall asleep.  I was wrong.  I was a third of the way through before I was too tired to keep reading.  But I loved every moment of it.

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