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            The Lost

     Guardian Trilogy

     As Erin's life crumbled around her, she discovered something she never thought possible.  Now she's thrown into a world that she doesn't know all the rules for.  And to make matters worse, her life and the life of her entire family is now on the line.

     What would you do if your world got turned on its head?  Who could you turn to?  Would you fight or would you run?

     This trilogy was inspired by a bracelet my darling hubby got me one year for Christmas.  This is the first story that I have written from conception to completion.  The product of countless late nights, phone conversations, and bottles of wine, The Lost Guardian Trilogy is a wonderful mix of magic, pain, and rediscovery.  Where people find that they are stronger than they realize not because of what they can do, but who they have in their lives.

                                   Available in paperback and ebook.